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Overwatch Symmetra trick is so OP you’ll be glad servers are closing

An Overwatch Symmetra trick has popped up ahead of OW2, allowing the Indian DPS to easily one-shot unsuspecting enemies who cross her in the FPS game

There are a whole plethora of Overwatch Symmetra tricks in Blizzard’s iconic FPS game, but ahead of OW2 one player on the Overwatch reddit has found a new one that will make you happy the servers are closing down to make way for the sequel.

While all eyes are on Overwatch 2, the next instalment in Blizzard’s hero shooter series, many are making good use of the Overwatch 1 servers before they go offline for good on October 2.

For Symmetra mains, this is the last time you’ll be able to play her in her current state before she gets hit with some major nerfs in Overwatch 2. The character has always been notoriously difficult to balance, and while initially her OW2 changes seemed to hurt her playability one fan has reminded us why she needed some changes.

Spoiler alert: it’s because she’s OP.

Overwatch Symmetra trick will make you happy servers are closing: Indian woman wearing futuristic dress and visor looks up at camera while creating a geometric sphere of light

Writing “Symmetra can actually one-shot with teleport and orbs,” we see an unfortunate Hanzo get absolutely demolished on Havana when the Indian genius drops her portal and uses her charged up orbs to send him back to spawn.

The player charges up the orb and fires it through the teleporter, then uses it to blink to the enemy’s location and unleash a series of smaller orbs, which bombard the archer and overwhelm him. One shot or two shots, you decide, but either way this trick is pretty nasty (unless you’re Sym, of course).

“Symmetra players have my heart, this is so impressive,” writes one adoring fan, while another comments “reminds me Zoe from League of Legends.”

OW1 Tip: Symmetra actually can one shot with TP and orbs from Overwatch

Unfortunately, coming into Overwatch 2 players won’t be able to pull this nifty little manoeuvre off to the same effect, as her charged projectile has taken heavy nerfs in the sequel. Its size and damage has been decreased, charge time has been increased, and ammunition will cost more, meaning that the speed boost buff is effectively negated.

This is pretty grim for Symmetra mains, who often feel like the hero is left out in updates due to her lack of popularity. As the Overwatch 2 release date approaches, we’ll just have to try and master her new skills. If you’re struggling, we also have a rundown of all of the Overwatch 2 heroes if you’re looking for a new main.