Overwatch 2 heroes: every new hero we know of so far

Blizzard’s follow-up to its team-shooter introduces new heroes for you to play as, here’s everything we know about them


Overwatch 2 heroes feature a mixture of returning characters and new faces. As content will be shared across Overwatch 1 and 2, we know that all of the original Overwatch characters will be in the roster. As revealed during Blizzcon 2019, a slew of new heroes will be also be introduced once Overwatch 2 goes live, too.

Heroes like Echo have been teased for a long time, so it wasn’t a huge surprise to see her show up in the cinematic trailer. Sojourn, however, has been teased notably less – so it was cool to see her. Overwatch 2 also introduces new modes for us to try these heroes out on. Hero Missions, for example, utilises Overwatch 2 talents to create a customisable PvE experience where you can change a hero’s skill-set.

Throughout this guide we’ll go over all the new Overwatch 2 heroes we’ve come across so far and what their abilities are. The Overwatch 2 release date is nowhere near, so this list isn’t quite exhaustive yet. But we’ll keep updating it with more information as it becomes available. Now that’s out the way, here’s everything we know about the new Overwatch 2 heroes.

The new Overwatch 2 heroes are:


We got the vaguest hint about Sojourn’s existence during Overwatch’s Archives event. During some of the promotion for the event, we hear a decrypted audio message for Soldier 76 where Sojourn informs him of a new approach to capturing the game’s villain Doomfist.

BlizzConline 2021 revealed Sojourn is in fact a DPS character, equipped with an energy rifle stocking 40 bullets per magazine. Attacking with Sojourn’s energy rifle charges up her railgun, so players will want to frequently alternate between the two weapons in combat. Blizzard hasn’t given names to any of Sojourn’s abilities right now, but we have been able to see what she is capable so far.


Echo turned up in Overwatch 2’s cinematic trailer, with a telling shot at the end of her lining up with more members of the game’s roster, so fans believed she was pretty much guaranteed to be a playable hero in Overwatch 2. However, she ended up becoming the final hero to join the Overwatch 1 roster. Now we know all about Echo’s lore and Echo’s abilities, though the latter could be modified in Overwatch 2.

And there you have it, all the new Overwatch 2 heroes we’ve come across so far. The list is currently sparse as the game is still in early development, but we’ll keep updating it with more information as it becomes available. We’ll also fill in the abilities as we find them out.

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