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Overwatch gets portal guns thanks to the Workshop

Maybe Blackwatch? That was a joke, haha, fat chance

Overwatch has portals – thanks, Symmetra – but they don’t tend to provide the same sort of high-flying fun you’d get out of the industry-standard portal guns manufactured by Aperture Science. Thankfully, the recently launched Workshop has given players a chance to rectify this horrible oversight, and we’ve now got a proper portal gun to play with.

These portals properly conserve momentum when you enter them, meaning that you’ll be launched into the air if you come speeding down to the entrance at speed. Or, as GLaDOS taught us all those years ago, “speedy thing goes in, speedy thing comes out.” You can see a video of the portal gun in action in the Twitter video below.

The project was created by andygmb and Lymbow, and on Reddit the latter notes that “this is just a prototype” – it doesn’t yet let you jump through other players’ portals, for example. Lymbow also notes that this wasn’t even possible until a recent update brought the Raycast Hit Normal function, which allowed the mod to track portal facing and thus conserve momentum.

Check it out:

You can play with it yourself with code BE2J7.

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