Overwatch Workshop creation adds Lucio Ball to Volleyball mode

Here's Lucio Ball remade in Overwatch Workshop via Volleyball

A makeshift volleyball mode in Overwatch is a getting a facelift that bears a striking similarity to another mode fans might be familiar with. Volleybomb is a volleyball-themed Overwatch Workshop creation where two teams of two bat an energy ball at each other, and the first to 10 points wins. A new version will incorporate elements of the Lúcioball mode from Overwatch’s Summer Games events.

Creator Telefrag Entertainment posted threads for the original and the Lucio Ball version on Reddit, breaking down the basics of both as well as some technical details. In Volleybomb, players are locked to the Z-axis so they can’t wander off and the ball can’t be hit backwards to keep play moving appropriately. Lucio Ball, on the other hand, opens play across all the axes and the ball can now collide with walls and players.

Volleybomb already borrowed a lot from Lúcioball, the major differences being Volleybomb uses standard maps and allows all characters as opposed to just Lucio. They’re built from the same premise, albeit this is shakier because it’s the work of a modder instead of an entire development team.

The differences between the initial footage of Volleybomb and these new improvements are striking. The smooth, quick movement is a real credit to Telefrag.

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Volleybomb and Lucio Ball are currently available to try and play, with more updates expected the near future.