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How to open Pacific Drive Dumpster Pearls

Finding Dumpster Pearls is one thing in Pacific Drive, but opening them, well, that requires a bit of know-how and the right equipment.

How do you open Dumpster Pearls in Pacific Drive? You’ll find all manner of strange items when you’re out on your jollies in Pacific Drive, but the Dumpster Peal might just take the biscuit. It’s a blob, but it’s completely solid, and no matter how hard you hit it with your crowbar, or go to town with your scrapper, the bloody thing stays intact. So how do you open it?

The Pacific Drive release date has been and gone, and if our very own Nat’s Pacific Drive review is anything to go by, everyone should be playing it. The crafting game has a lot of surprises up its sleeves, with the Dumpster Peal being a fairly insignificant, but potentially invaluable item you can find on a jaunt. Here’s how to open the Pacific Drive Dumpster Pearl.

Pacific Drive Dumpster Pearl: a strange, circular piece of machinery

How to open a Dumpster Peal in Pacific Drive

So, as we mentioned, no matter how much you strike, or saw, or throw the Dumpster Peal, it won’t budge. To open a Dumpster Pearl, you must use it on your Matter Deconstructor; the workstation will break the outside shell of the Dumpster Peal, and throw its contents across your garage.

Dumpster Pearls generally don’t contain anything game-changing, but it’s worth keeping hold of them if you find one in the wild, as they can provide you with crafting materials. They’re just like nature’s little lootbox.

Now that you know how to open Dumpster Pearls in Pacific Drive, you best saddle up and get exploring. Read up on the Olympic Exclusion Zone before you get out there, and make sure you stay safe, obviously. For the best of what’s out soon, we have a list of the most exciting upcoming games or the best PC games you can play right this second, if you want.