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Stardew Valley with dinosaurs gets a Steam demo

The wholesome gaming community is soaring with an influx of cozy indie releases, and the dinosaur-filled Paleo Pines is among the most promising.

A girl riding an orange, saddled dinosaur in a grassy field

Paleo Pines is one of those indie games that instantly caught my eye. From its Stardew Valley-like farming and charming townsfolk to its downright adorable dinosaurs, Paleo Pines has combined many of us cozy gamers’ favorite qualities to make an enchanting experience. With Steam Next Fest just around the corner, developer Italic Pig has decided to open it up for a limited playable demo, and I for one can’t wait to hop in.

As a lover of all casual games (and cute dinos) out there, Paleo Pines is one of my most highly anticipated games this year. It invites you into a charming island renowned for its cute, friendly dinosaurs, mysterious past, and quirky residents. In Paleo Pines, evolution played out a bit differently than it did here on Earth, leading to a world in which humans and dinosaurs live amicably together. You will start your adventure off with an adorable parasaurolophus dino called Lucky who will accompany you as you try to dive deeper into the island’s secrets.

There are other possible dino companions all over Paleo Pines for you to befriend. Your ultimate goal is to build a successful ranch, help the local townsfolk, and, in the developer’s own words, “unearth the island’s lost history to build your cozy dino sanctuary.” Is Lucky the last of her kind, or are there other parasaurolophuses out there? You can hop into the demo on June 19 through to June 26 to experience a bit of the mystery firsthand.

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You can also help out the devs and wishlist the game over on Steam to get a notification when the demo launches ahead of the full Paleo Pines release date on September 26. I can’t wait to ride around on my own colorful dinos, but for now, I’ll have to sit back until the Steam Next Fest commences on June 19. During the event, you will also have access to a variety of other promising indie games, so be sure to check them out.

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