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There’s a new way to play Palia, 2023’s coziest MMORPG

Singularity 6 recently released Palia, one of this year's most wholesome MMOs, and has just announced that the game is coming to a new platform on PC.

Palia: An elf-like character with deep purple skin and amber eyes wears round golden-framed glasses, her face surprised

Palia is well on its way to becoming one of my most-played games this year. It ticks many of my essential cozy game experience boxes, with its colorful world, crafting, and farming. The gameplay is especially unique among cozier genres since it’s enjoyable with friends. Amid the chaotic world of combat and grind-heavy MMORPGs, Palia feels like a breath of fresh, relaxing air. It’s about to get even more populated, too, with its newly revealed Epic Games Store release.

The wholesome MMO is indeed coming to a new platform, which means we’re getting another way to experience Palia on PC. Singularity 6 just announced the enchanting game’s upcoming arrival on the Epic Games Store, opening its whimsical door to more players. This could also mean a future Steam launch at some point, as Palia expands and reaches new people.

“Palia is spreading its wings and soaring to new heights,” the developer writes in its post revealing the game’s upcoming Epic release. “Whether you’re a current player or new to the game, discover more ways to play as Palia releases on the Epic Games Store next week.” The enchanting game will launch on Epic this upcoming Tuesday, October 24.

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“Palia will release on the Epic Games Store with all of the content that has dropped thus far,” Singularity 6 clarifies. This includes the MMO’s recent Halloween-inspired content. If you’re a European player, the dev has even more good news. The studio reveals that new “dedicated servers for improved latency and gameplay experience” are coming for EU fans.

The new servers will go live during Palia’s next update, which Singularity 6 says is coming “later this month.” We also won’t need to pay to play the free PC game if we want to download it on Epic’s platform. “Palia will continue being a free-to-play title” the dev explains, “now accessible via the Epic Games Store.”

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