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Palworld modding server bans “vile” acts against pals

A Discord server dedicated to Palworld mods has officially banned any creations that allow you to commit "vile" acts against the pals.

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Palworld Modding Community, a server dedicated to making various Palworld mods, has issued a statement condemning fanmade creations that allow you to commit “vile” acts against the titular pals, detailing examples of what those acts might include.

Be aware that this article includes mention of potentially triggering themes, including bestiality, rape, and sexual violence. Reader discretion is advised.

In a Wednesday, January 25 statement, screenshotted by PCGamesN, Palworld Modding Community moderator ‘Archery 100’ states that “it has been brought to our attention that users have been discussing the creation and glorification of non-consensual acts against the Pals.

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“Not the usual anthropomorphic furries you’d expect, they referred to Pals, straight up. And they were not afraid to be explicit in their descriptions.

“Since we carelessly did not explicitly state in the rules, no actions will be taken against these users besides having all messages of this discussion being purged, it’s on us for not addressing this immediately,” they continue. “But moving forward is a different story.”

“We have decided to update Rule 2 to better reflect what we want the server to be. Here is [sic] the official changes we made, effective immediately. NSFW mods that allow the player to commit non-consensual acts are not allowed to be made, shared, or discussed at ALL. This includes depictions of rape, bestiality, and other acts considered to be vile and morally wrong in nature.”

A comment from the Palworld modding Discord server discussing NSFW mods

They go on to state that any involvement or discussion of such Palworld mods will result in a ban, and confirm that they’ve outlined what is classed as bestiality in the new rules.

The post highlights that “we understand that the furry community has especially had fun creating content for the game and it’s unfair for them to be bundled in with actual psychopaths who think raping animals is fun to get off to.” As a result, content using anthropomorphic bodies is allowed, as long as the acts involved are consensual.

“There is definitely going to be backlash from the bestiality sickos in here, so all we have to say is this: take your sick s**t back to Loverslab, we don’t want your disgusting ‘fantasies’ here.” Loverslab, for those unaware, is an adult forum used to share sexual content.

A comment from the Palworld modding Discord server discussing NSFW mods

This comes after The Pokemon Company confirmed that it is looking into the game, and PETA voiced concerns over the consumption of animal products in-game, telling Insider Gaming that it hopes a “vegan guide” will be introduced in future updates.