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Is Palworld on Game Pass?

Find out if Palword is on Game Pass on PC, and whether you can play the action-adventure game on day one or a few months down the line.

Palworld on Game Pass: Three bipedal sheep-like Pals wield turrets behind a wall of sandbags in Palworld.

Is Palworld on Game Pass? Palworld joins an ever-growing list of monster-taming games that seek to capture the magic of Game Freak’s genre-defining creature collector – but with a twist. Sure, you can send your freshly tamed Pals into battle, but you can also subject them to a life of labor on assembly lines, and even eat them if you’re feeling peckish.

Palworld’s fresh, if morally questionable approach to creature collection may pique your interest in the RPG game, but how do you know if this virtual exploitation is a step too far? Palworld on Game Pass is your answer, allowing you to test your monster-taming limits without spending more than the platform’s monthly subscription fee. Here’s whether Palworld is on Game Pass now that the Palworld release date is here.

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Is Palworld coming to Game Pass?

Yes, Palworld is available to play on Game Pass for Windows PC, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One. This was confirmed by the official Palworld X (formerly Twitter) account a week before the game was released.

Palworld joins the likes of Hellblade 2 and Dungeons of Hinterberg as Xbox console exclusives that are also available on PC. While both are already set for a day one release on Game Pass despite no fixed release date, it’s worth bearing in mind that Palworld’s release date was actually the beginning of early access, and it’s still receiving the day one Game Pass release.

Pocketpair’s previous game, Craftopia, appeared on Game Pass a year after launch and remained on the platform for a year. The developer may have struck a similar deal with Microsoft for Palworld, meaning we can experience it from the off via Game Pass with the rest of the players.

Now that you know that you can play Palworld on Game Pass, swing by some of the best indie games for more bizarre and off-beat takes on the great hits in gaming. On that note, you can’t go wrong with our top recommendations for the best PC games of all time, along with the Palworld system requirements to prepare for your next creature-collecting adventure.