How to get gold coins in Palworld

You might be seeking more Palworld Gold in the new open-world game for buying goods, and we know just where to find plenty of the currency.

Palworld gold coins: Two Pals float in midair laughing together

How do you get more Palworld gold coins? The currency isn’t immediately obvious to find, especially in the early game, so we’ve rounded up all of the places you can find gold coins in Palworld.

With some of the Palworld Pals able to drop the useful currency for you, which ones should you be seeking out? They could be scattered all around the Palworld map, but if you’re looking for more currency to buy the goods you’ve got your eye on in Palworld, we’ve got you covered.

Where to find more Palworld gold coins

Palworld gold coins can drop from the following sources:

Palworld gold coins can be found in chests


Chests of varying colors can be found scattered around the Palpagos Islands, and almost all of these will include gold coins as a reward. Generally, the higher the rarity of the chest, the more gold coins you can collect from it.

Palworld gold coins can be obtained by selling items to the wandering merchant

Selling items

You can sell items to the wandering merchant who will occasionally, and randomly, visit your base. Unfortunately, there’s no set pattern for when the wandering merchant might appear, so you’ll need to keep an eye on the in-game interface on the lower left corner to spot the alert message for their arrival. You can sell things found in the world, and items highlighted blue in your inventory will be worth more gold coins to the trader.

Palworld gold coins can be obtained from Mau after defeating it

Killing Pals

Yes, it’s obscene to think about, but killing your cute teammates might be a good way to get gold. We know, for example, that Mau and Direhowl both have the potential to drop gold coins when defeated, with more sure to be discovered. 

Palworld Gold Coins can be dug up by Pals

Pal Partner Skills

Some Pals have partner skills which mean they are able to dig up gold around the base. One such example is Mau, who will appear with a gold coin above its head if it has dug up gold around the base. We’ll update this guide with a full list of all of the Pals that can dig up gold coins when we know them all.

Those are all of the methods we know of so far to get more Palworld gold coins. Before you dive into the survival crafting game, why not check out who we recommend as your Palworld starter, or learn all you need to know about Palworld fighting and element types?