What is the Palworld max level?

Palworld is an open-world survival crafting game that sees you taking small Pals on your adventures, but what is the Palworld max level?

Palworld max level: A character rides on the back of a large yellow pal

What is the Palworld max level? As the survival crafting game enters early access, there is a maximum level cap that you can reach. Will it increase following the game’s early access period? We’ve got all you need to know.

Now that you’ve settled on your Palworld starter and checked out which of the Palworld Pals you want to take on your adventures, you’re about ready to set off on your trip around the Palpagos Islands. Here’s all we know about the Palworld level cap.

Palworld level cap explained

The Palworld max level in early access is level 50. This applies to both your character and your Pals. 

We believe that this level cap will be lifted to level 100 following the game’s early access period, but this is yet to be confirmed by developer Pocket Pair.

After you reach the maximum level of 50, you will stop earning XP during the early access period. However, a Pal’s level is not tied to the player’s level, so you can still earn XP for your Pals in order to level them up.

The in-game UI tells about the Palworld max level

What is Palworld level sync?

Palworld level sync happens when your equipped Pal has a higher level than your character’s level. It will automatically scale its stats down to match your level.

This means that you can catch and use Pals at a higher level than you, but you won’t see their full potential. Its performance will drop to the same level as the player. It might be wise to consider boxing the Pal or not using it in fights until your level matches theirs.

Now that you’re clued up on the Palworld max level and level sync, check out how to earn more Palworld Technology Points, as well as where to find Palworld Gold Coins, so you can buy goods to your heart’s content.