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Where to find Palworld Wheat Seeds

Everyone loves some bread – even the Pals from Palworld. This guide details where to find wheat seeds, required for many different cooking projects.

finding the grass dragon type dinossum in palworld

Where do you find Palworld Wheat Seeds? One of many different crops to plant, wheat seeds are required to unlock wheat fields in your Palworld base. The wheat can then be used to make flour with a mill, and from there the flour provides a base for cooking bread and other recipes. However, it’s not easy to get a hold of wheat seeds early in the game, and you might be scratching your head about where to find it.

Interested in something more exciting than wheat? It turns out there’s an X-rated Pal to capture in Palworld that has raised some eyebrows. Or maybe you’re still in the practical phase, early on in your adventure and want to know exactly how to move a Palworld base – we’ve got you covered there, too. Otherwise, read on to find out where to find wheat seeds.

Where to find wheat seeds in Palworld

Early on in your adventure, there are two places to find wheat seeds: a high level grass and dragon Pal called Dinossum and the Wandering Merchant whose inventory is randomized.

Dinossum regularly spawns at around level 15, however, so it will be a while before you can defeat or capture one in battle. But that’s okay – level 15 is when the wheat field unlocks on the technology tree.

As Dinossum can be hard to find no matter your level, the easier method to nab wheat seeds is to purchase them for 100 gold from a wandering merchant. They spawn randomly and their inventory isn’t set, but if they have wheat seeds when you come across them you may want to stock up.

Finally, a Pal called Flopie drops wheat seeds. You can discover this fairy-like creature beyond the Bridge of the Twin Knights, which is located northeast of the Rayne Syndicate Tower Entrance. However, this area has plenty of Pals that hit level 20 and above, so be careful if you decide to seek one out.

a merchant wearing a red coat in palworld

What wheat seeds are used for in Palworld

With 3 wheat seeds, 35 wood, and 35 stone, you can make a wheat plantation in your base if you’ve hit level 15.

After that, you’ll want to make a mill to turn it into flour, which is required for making bread and other filling food that will keep both your player character and your army of gun-toting gremlins full.

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