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How to move your Palworld base and best Palworld base locations

Building a fortress or three for you and your Pals is hard work. This guide details the best way to move your base to a new location.

a fox like pal sleeping on a rock near a bse

How do you move your base in Palworld? Building up a base with new structures, populating it with workaholic little friends, and defending it from attacks is perhaps the most involved aspect of this gun-toting creature collector. Only your imagination (and how far along you are on the technology tree) limits how grand of a base you can build – but as you explore the creature infested islands, you’ll likely want to move your base to a new, better location, especially as it also serves as a fast travel point.

Interested in more about Palworld? We have a comprehensive list of all the adorable and ferocious Palworld Pals you can tame (or shoot, alarmingly enough) throughout your base-building adventure. And while not a graphically intensive game, you’ll want to double check that your system can run it with our overview of the minimum and recommended Palworld system requirements. With that out of the way, read on to see how to move a Palworld base – and how to unlock more than one.

How to move your base in Palworld

Unfortunately, there is currently no way to completely move your base in Palworld from one location to another.

However, you can open up the disassemble menu by pressing B and then C on PC (or Up and then Right Stick on Xbox) before disassembling the Palbox that constitutes the boundaries of your base. Then, you can reconstruct that Palbox at a new location and once again commence building.

This will ruin some base-specific structures that require a nearby Palbox, such as incubators and ranches, but most structures, such as houses you’ve built and workshop benches, will remain in place for your use. You can even set up the Palbox once again in the same location and resume building there.

Though it takes some time, you can disassemble whatever you want to regain the resources required to build it and quickly rebuild it at a new location.

One of the best places to place a Palworld base is in open land where you can build a breeding ranch.

Best Palworld base locations

If you’re looking for the places to begin building your home, here are the best Palworld base locations we’ve found so far:

Bamboo Groves (-121,-349)

This area has a huge amount of flat space to work with, meaning that it can accommodate a breeding ranch, one of the biggest facilities you can make. Not every area can support one of these, so we recommend building one of your maximum number of bases here if you lack this facility. It’s also one of the best areas for mining Ore, as there are many deposits littering the area, and there’s a dungeon you can use to gather more materials.

Marsh Island (0, -521)

West of the small settlement, this is the best location to make a Palworld Ore farm. There’s a huge cluster of ore rocks next to an open area, which you can always fill with other resource-gathering facilities for wood and stone. On top of this, it’s a great place to defend yourself from enemy attacks, thanks to its two-tiered structure. You can have the bottom section for where the vital material farming needs to go, while the top layer can be for defenses and crafting.

Twilight Dunes (-165, -92)

This is a relatively early place in the game where you can set up a farm to gather both the Palworld Coal and the ore here. You’ll need to venture out of the base to gather Palworld Sulfur, but there’s plenty of it lying around the desert. Just note that the enemies are a higher level and you’re relatively close to the Temple of Anubis, which houses a tough boss.

Mount Obsidian (-597, -513)

Another relatively decent location to set up an Ore farm is close to the Tower of the Brothers of the Eternal Pyre fast travel point. With relatively easy access to a lot of sulfur deposits closer to the tower, the base itself has a decent size, and thanks to its position, it won’t be vulnerable to raiding parties. With proper setup, this Ore farm should be able to run by itself without interruption.

Land of Absolute Zero (-297, 391)

For later on in the game, you’ll need to get regular access to Palworld Pure Quartz, and as luck would have it, this location in the Astral Mountains has tons of the stuff. It’s also a relatively large area that has great defenses from raids, thanks to the mountains. Just make sure to wrap up warm.

Palworld base moving: a UI shows how to dismantle items

Can you have more than one base in Palworld?

Yes, you can have more than one base in Palworld. This unlocks at base level 10. You can add a third base at base level 15.

Thankfully, as you level up your base in Palworld, you’ll gain the ability to build more than one base. This is done by completing base-specific missions, which largely amount to building certain structures from the technology tree, such as a feeding box for your fuzzy friends to eat from. The option to build a second base unlocks at base level 10.

To unlock more technology tree points, you must increase your character level by defeating Pals and other enemies out in the wild. Do check out our Palworld base upgrade guide for the requirements for every base level.

How many bases can you have in Palworld?

During the early access period, the maximum base level you can have is 15. This means that you can have up to three bases in Palworld. This number will, presumably, increase as the survival game sees updates in the future, with a final number to be confirmed once it’s out of early access.

That’s all you need to know to transfer your bases around Palworld’s massive open world. For more on games with similar crafting mechanics, check out the best crafting games on PC in 2024. And if you’re still uncertain whether or not you want to pick up the game, our Palworld review – which calls it a morbid and messy survival experience – will help you decide.