Paradox Humble Bundle is packed with over $220 worth of games and cosmetic updgrades

A collection of Paradox games at the Bundle store.

Paradox Interactive have brought their wares to the Humble Store for the next two weeks in the Humble Paradox Interactive Bundle. Paying just $5 (at the moment) will net you War of the Roses, Magicka, Victoria 2, and Crusader Kings 2. And more goodies are on the way.

Not every Paradox game is a winner, of course. The charming but flawed Impire is one of the extras, as is the original Knights of Pen and Paper (which Fraser was lukewarm on though he is very high on the sequel).

Personally, I’m hoping War of the Vikings eventually joins the list of games, and perhaps EU: Rome. It’s probably too early to hope for Cities: Skylines, but perhaps the earlier Cities in Motion 2 wouldn’t be too much to ask for.

If you pay $15 or more, you also get EU IV and the Conquest of Paradise DLC, while #35 nets you a nifty T-shirt and some cool Magicka buttons.

Proceeds from this bundle go to AbleGamers and Extra Life.