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Paradox launches a new studio to develop “new games in the grand strategy genre”

Paradox is expanding its grand strategy development even further

Paradox Interactive has expanded greatly over the past several years, but it’s still building the grand strategy games that brought the company to prominence. Now, it’s opening a new studio in Barcelona dedicated to further grand strategy titles, starting with Europa Universalis IV before moving onto other, as-yet-unnamed games in the genre.

The new studio, Paradox Tinto, will be headed up by Johan Andersson, who’s been with Paradox for over two decades and whose credits include everything from the original Europa Universalis to the more recent Imperator: Rome. According to a press release, a small team at Paradox Tinto will “initially oversee ongoing development on Paradox’s iconic grand strategy game, Europa Universalis IV, and later move on to new games in the grand strategy genre.”

The Crusader Kings 3 release date is set for September, but for now that’s the only new grand strategy title from Paradox on the calendar. Grand strategy fans have been demanding Victoria 3 for ages – often jokingly – but whatever Paradox is planning on making next remains a mystery.

As part of the impossibly convoluted summer game announcement schedule, a Paradox Insider broadcast is scheduled for June 6 for more info on the publisher’s line-up. It’s probably too soon for us to learn what Paradox Tinto is working on, but here’s hoping for a pleasant surprise.

For now, our resident strategy nerds have been getting into Crusader Kings 3 – you can follow that link for plenty of discussion on what to expect from the next Paradox title.