Rob a jewellery store with a broadsword in Payday 2’s Chivalry-themed medieval DLC

Payday 2 Chivalry

Payday 2’s DLC has become so comprehensive that at this point it’s only a few packs away from becoming a 1:1 scale replica of planet Earth. If you were to buy all its packs at this point, the total cost would outweight Greece’s national debt. And while both of those statements aren’t even close to true, let’s just agree there’s quite a lot of content, and that the next DLC pack brings a bunch of medieval weapons for you to swing recklessly over your heads while ferrying sacks of cash to and fro.

Following on from Chivalry: Medieval Warfare-themed flags and decals cropping up in Rocket League, that same olde worlde title’s now taking over Overkill’s heist-based shooter too. Priced at $4.99, the Gage Chivalry Pack adds three new (though actually very old) ranged weapons, one throwing weapon, four melee weapons and four masks.

There’ll be new achievements, materials and patterns to customise your character with too, if you get lucky with Payday 2’s post-round cards. Come onnnnn, burlap!

The pack’s out September 10th. Don’t expect it to be the last of Payday 2’s DLC, though – Overkill are supporting the game well into 2016.