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How to crack safes in Payday 3

Whether you're on the hunt for bonus loot or crucial information to complete your heist, here's how to crack safes in Payday 3 like a pro.

How to crack safes in Payday 3: A green dial shows over a small safe in Payday 3.

How do you crack safes in Payday 3? Heists are complex and contain lots of bonus loot that you’ve got to actively search for, like the stacks of cash people apparently just leave lying around. While some goodies are left out in the open, others are hidden away. If you want to take everything you can, it helps to know how to crack safes in Payday 3.

Despite significant Payday 3 server issues at launch, players who are able to log into the multiplayer game are having a blast trying to steal valuable goods. Whether to go stealthy or loud in Payday 3 is up to you, but if you go for the stealthy option, you need access codes, key cards, and other valuable information that might be locked away in a safe. If you do decide to go ahead with your mask off in Payday 3, here’s how to crack a Payday 3 safe.

Payday 3 safe unlock: A red lock on a safe in Payday 3 after a failed attempt.

Crack safes in Payday 3

Unlike vaults, you don’t need a safe code to crack a safe in Payday 3. Instead, use your heisting and hacking skills to get inside by following these steps:

  • Turn the safe dial to the left until it starts to shake. The faster it shakes, the closer you are to the right place.
  • Slow down, and keep turning until the dial turns green.
  • Once the dial turns green, stop and wait for it to click and turn grey again.
  • Turn the dial back to the right and follow the same steps.
  • Once the second number is done, turn back to the left. Complete these steps one last time and watch the safe door swing open
  • If you miss the right number in the combination and the lock turns red, you are reset and must start again.

Now you know how to crack safes in Payday 3, not only can you grab some extra swag, but you might just find a Payday 3 vault code hidden within. To be able to pull off most of these Payday 3 heists, you should be trying to complete your heists stealthily using the best Payday 3 weapons. If the stealthy approach is your sort of thing, you should definitely check out our best stealth games list.