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Payday 3 DLC marks the return of an excellent Payday 2 feature

The first Payday 3 DLC, Syntax Error, marks the return of a great Payday 2 feature that should save you some money if playing with friends.

Payday 3 DLC Syntax Error: a woman in a white leather jacket with blonde, slicked black hair

Payday 3 DLC Syntax Error is almost here, as Starbreeze reveals exactly what to expect from the new heist while confirming that a great feature from Payday 2, and one a lot of the videogame industry has adopted for co-op games, is returning.

Payday 3 developer Starbreeze has released a brand new update video concerning the co-op game, and confirms one of the most pressing questions about whether or not a well-liked Payday 2 system, and one the industry adopts at large, will be in the game: playing the DLC without owning it.

In Payday 2, only the host needed to own DLC for the entire group to play it, and we now know that the same can be said of Payday 3.

“If you don’t own a heist but your friend does, you’ll be able to join your friend either via invite or by joining their game directly,” community and influencer manager Elisabeth Elvestad says.

Payday 3 DLC 1 is Syntax Error, which comes with a new heist, but there are also other bundles to buy and extras within the DLC too. There’s a tailor pack with four outfits, four gloves, and four masks, alongside a weapon pack with three new weapons and more customization.

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Syntax Error itself also comes with a new enemy, the techie, who uses drones to “scout and harass” players while hiding in a distant spot that you’ll need to find to take them out. The techie will only appear in the Syntax Error heist to begin with, but Starbreeze says they’ll be added to base game heists over time.

Then there’s the Scrambler skill line, which is all about dealing with the techie’s drones as it lets you hack and use them for yourself. It also helps boost ECM jammers, and it comes to Payday 3 for free in line with the update. There are also going to be new free masks and cosmetics for all, with more rewards for those of you who have already reached the infamy level cap too.

We know Payday 3 Syntax Error, and by extension, the new bundles too, are set to release sometime next week – between Monday, December 11 and Sunday, December 17 – so you’ll want to watch for that. With Starbreeze continuing to address the rough Payday 3 launch, this is another step in the right direction overall.

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