Payday 3 vault codes – how to open vaults in stealth mode

Depending on whether you go in loud or you go in stealthy, there are various ways to open a safe, the most difficult part comes in finding Payday 3 vault codes.

Payday 3 vault codes: An image of the keypad to enter a Payday 3 vault alongside a classic payday 3 mask.

How do you open vaults in Payday 3? When things get a little hot during a heist, you have no choice but to take an aggressive approach. It’s always worth taking things slow before you resort to these tactics by sneaking around and hacking systems for vault codes – because surely it’s not just 0000, right?

Some of the Payday 3 heists let you choose how you want to proceed, and most involve a safe or a vault – we’re talking about high value goods here, after all. While you can use the best Payday 3 weapons to do the talking when alarms are blaring, if you want to avoid a firefight for as long as possible, unlock a Payday 3 vault the right way by using a safe code. Here’s what you need to know about opening a safe in Payday 3.

A sign in Payday 3that says the cault door must be closed at all times.

How to find Payday 3 vault codes

There’s no one-size-fits-all way to open a vault in every Payday 3 heist, and they all require different tactics. The code can also vary from person to person, so this is no straightforward list of all Payday 3 vault codes. Instead, we’ll help you find them.

Here’s every Payday 3 mission with a vault and how to open it:

No Rest for the Wicked vault code

By following the mission prompts, you’re required to grab an executive on the vault floor and use them to pass an eye scanner on the vault door. From there, get the access code by following these steps:

  • After passing the eye scanner, four vault codes are sent to the executive’s computer.
  • Head back there, access the computer, and the four codes are shown on your mission list.
  • Go back to the vault keypad and get up close to it to reveal fingerprints on some of the keys.
  • Enter the code that contains these numbers.

A computer monitor confirming that a Payday 3 vault needs unlocking by a two-person system.

Dirty Ice vault system

In Dirty Ice, there’s no code for the vault. Instead, it’s a two-person unlock system. There’s a keypad in this mission, the code for which can be found on the white board in the staff room or on the employee of the month sign in the shop. Use the number to enter the basement door outside.

To open the Dirty Ice vault, follow these steps once inside the workshop:

  • Find a staff member or use the manager and use them as a human shield.
  • Lead them into the manager’s office, and shove them towards the red button on the desk.
  • As they push the button, head out of the office and scan the red key card you should have already acquired.
  • The lock will turn green and the vault will open.

Rock the Cradle vault code

Opening the vault in Rock the Cradle is optional but provides a higher-value reward from the heist. There are two ways to access the vault in stealth mode: one is with a VIP access card, and the other without. Whichever you choose, the way to find the vault code itself is the same:

  • Find three codes in the accounts office: one on the desk chair, one in the safe, and one in the storage cupboard.
  • Enter each one to find which one works.

And it’s as simple as that since there’s no other way to find out which code is right. The difficulty in this mission is actually getting to the safe in the first place, but you don’t have to in order to successfully complete the mission.

The Payday 3 Gold and Sharke vault door opening.

Gold and Sharke vault code

This one feels fairly familiar if you’ve completed the stealth option in No Rest for the Wicked, as the process is much the same to obtain the vault code. Following the mission prompts lead you to the vault lobby where you must hack into a computer. On this computer are four potential codes. Get up close to the keypad to see fingerprints and work out which code you need to enter.

Now you know how to enter all of the Payday 3 vaults, you should be able to find your own unique vault codes and grab that loot. Of course, if you’d rather go in all guns blazing, put your mask on, get out your gun, and go loud, burning your way into the vault with thermite. Find out if you’re committed to this option, or whether you can take your mask off in Payday 3. If you really want to test yourself, chuck up that difficulty and try Payday 3 solo – well, with AI crewmates – or simply try one of our other favorite stealth games for some more sneaking around.