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Hectic Steam multiplayer game having free play period and 50% off sale

Cops and robbers multiplayer mayhem game Perfect Heist 2 is having a free play period right now, and it's also 50% off in a Steam sale.

Perfect Heist 2 Steam sale free weekend: a polygonal man in a brown suit with a red tie, stood in front of a blurry, tropical background

Between those massive Grand Theft Auto 5 missions, Payday, Teardown, and the first level in Saints Row The Third, heisting is one of my favorite videogame pastimes. Getting a bunch of pals together to (hopefully) coordinate the biggest score of your collective lives is no easy feat, so what if another group of players were trying to stop you at the same time? This is Perfect Heist 2, and it’s having a short but sweet free play weekend alongside a hefty 50% off Steam sale.

In Perfect Heist 2, a team of robbers must try to steal money from the bank while not being noticed by the cop team. The criminals look like regular people and can use that to their advantage, but for the police, there isn’t a undercover officer in sight. Robbers can sneakily knock out employees to steal their clothes in the multiplayer game, and need to use this skill alongside knowledge of the cops’ whereabouts to win.

If you’ve managed to evade the team of law enforcement long enough, at some point you’ll have to get loud, and this is where things really start to heat up. Grab the money. Locate the getaway car. Blow a hole in the wall. Run like your life depends on it. All that sneaking, drilling, and hacking has got you this far, so now you need to avoid the cop team and make it out alive.

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There are loads of playstyles in Perfect Heist 2, with more than 30 classes to choose from that all offer different abilities and items. Pick between improvised explosives, flashbangs, gas masks, concealed silenced pistols, loud shotguns, SMGs, and whatever else suits your playstyle. You can even blow up almost every wall, so whether you need to make a fast getaway or want to grab the money ASAP, you’ve got some choices to make – just be aware of the consequences.

Plenty of free updates have arrived since launch like a level editor and a new free robber class who paints the scenery around them to make some extra money. You can even play as a cop with a sniffer dog, who can help you locate the perpetrator of a crime. Is it as realistic as a game like Payday? Absolutely not. But sometimes you just need an excuse to goof off online with some friends and get caught up in the chaos of a good multiplayer match.

Perfect Heist 2 is playable for free on Steam until Monday May 27 at 9am PT / 12pm ET / 5pm BST and 3am AEDT on Tuesday May 28, after which you’ll get the game for 50% off until Saturday June 8 – expect to pay $4.99 / £3.99 right here.

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