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Stalker 2 and Frostpunk have a rival in this new Steam survival game

Blending Frostpunk's dangerous cold with the survival mechanics of games like Stalker, the newly announced Permafrost is looking real good.

Permafrost announcement: a man stodd in the snow in yellow overalls with a dog in matching yellow bags

An unforgiving frozen apocalypse is the perfect setting for a survival game. The sparseness of civilization, lack of resources, and biting cold make for ideal adversaries as you explore and try to keep warm. Ark has dinosaurs, Valheim has Vikings, and DayZ has zombies, but the newly announced Permafrost is using a glacial armageddon to put you and some friends through the ultimate trial of survival. Oh, and you can have a dog companion, so it’s getting points for that too.

Thanks to the cataclysmic ‘shattering’ from an “apocalyptic moon phase,” the world of Permafrost has been plunged into a state of freezing. So while you’re hunting for supplies and repurposing resources to help you thrive in typical survival game fashion, in Permafrost you’ll also have to contend with a bone-chilling cold. The hypothermia mechanic will be on your mind at all times, so be sure to wrap up and stick by the fire whenever you can.

You don’t have to venture out into the ice and snow alone however, as Permafrost will launch with a co-op mode of up to four players. You’ll need more food, resources, and weapons to defend yourselves, sure, but let’s not worry about that just yet – you’ve got to survive long enough, first.

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Once you’ve settled into Permafrost’s unforgiving weather, you’ll need to build a base. Blueprints and engineering skills can only get you so far, however, as you’ll also need to do your bit and upcycle what you find to keep a roof over your head. You’ll be able to grow food and build tools to help you in your next excursion, so don’t skimp out on your home at the end of the world.

Endless winter isn’t all that sets Permafrost apart from the competition, though, as you’ll also have a faithful canine companion to help you on your quest to survive and thrive. The dog’s keen sense of smell and heightened awareness will act as a natural early warning system, and the pooch can even carry some items for you. That’s a lot more useful than my dog, who’s asleep on their favorite armchair as I write this.

Permafrost announcement: a gameplay shot of a man surrounded by snow

If a permanent winter freeze doesn’t sound hard enough, all of your weapons are a touch primitive since the entirety of human civilization came to a grinding halt. So instead of just charging head first into battle, you’ll need to develop a keen awareness of your surroundings to get the drop on foes, or avoid them entirely as you scurry back to base with whatever you find.

The Permafrost release date is currently set for 2025 on PC, and you can wishlist the game on Steam right here.

Permafrost should be added to your ever-expanding list of upcoming PC games then, and you can even play some free Steam games without breaking the bank while you wait. 2025 is a while off, after all.

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