Look forward to loads of Sega games as the company behind Persona, Yakuza, and Sonic plans more PC ports

Sega reveals that PC ports were a saving grace for the publisher in a tough year

Sega plan to double-down on its recent success in the PC market with more ports. The SegaSammy earnings report for the fiscal year 2018 (via TweakTown) shows that while the company’s overall profits have dropped, it did very well on PC storefronts like Steam and intends to stay on that space.

Sega suffered a 70% drop in profits for 2018, causing the company to rejig its development calendar for 2020 and beyond, yet some of its series have enjoyed their most lucrative period to date thanks in no small part to having widely available PC ports. Yakuza 0 and Yakuza Kiwami were big sellers for the publisher on Steam, and helped make the Yakuza series a real contender in mainstream gaming.

Sega is well aware of this, and has set its sights on bringing more of those tentpole releases to PC, breaking away from exclusivity deals like the Sony and Persona situation in order to maximise visibility and reach.

As well as Yakuza and Persona, Sonic was mentioned as a major IP they want to work more on. The last Sonic game, Sonic Mania, released on all major platforms including PC and was among the most well-received instalments in the series’ history.

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Other dormant properties are expected to be re-awakened too, though no word on what those might be, as Sega re-group for the next year.