Phasmophobia’s mysterious Christmas update will add a Summoning Circle

The Phasmophobia Christmas update is still a big mystery, but we now know a few things to expect.

Phasmophobia's secretive Christmas update gets a summoning circle

Earlier this month it was revealed that ghost-hunting game Phasmophobia would be getting a mysterious Christmas update, with multiple new features being added to one of the best horror games on PC. Now a few of those features have been revealed, including the intriguing prospect of a spook Summoning Circle.

At the beginning of November, fans spotted a new addition to Phasmophobia developer Kinetic Games’ Trello for updates called the “Christmas [REDACTED] update”, along with a list of redacted items – only the addition of new Ouija board questions was revealed, as a follow-up to the recent Nightmare update.

Now a few details have been added to the Trello page, so we’ve got a better idea of what to expect in the Christmas update. The main list seems to be for four new Cursed Possessions, which could be items the ghosts are particularly interested in. The first to be revealed was a cursed variant of the Voodoo Doll, but the most intriguing is the Summoning Circle.

The main gameplay loop of Phasmophobia is entering a location, finding evidence, and slowly luring the ghost out through a bit of trial and error. The addition of a Summoning Circle sounds like Kinetic Games is giving the option to more quickly call out a ghost in a specific place, or perhaps even trap them.

Phasmophobia has only just had a massive update with a brand new campsite map and multiple additional ghosts, so it seems unlikely that the developer would be adding anything too crazy like a Christmas-themed map – but the secrecy around this update certainly make it more exciting. Whether it’ll turn Slender Man from an Easter egg to a proper opponent is another matter. We’ll know more soon.