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Phasmophobia devs tease new ghost types ahead of the Halloween update

The folks at Kinetic Games have been teasing the new ghosts coming the horror game's way next

A Phasmophobia ghost glares at the player in the dark

Thanks to a recent addition to the horror game’s public Trello board, we know there’s a Phasmophobia Halloween update on the way, with “nightmare difficulty” and some more, as-yet unknown, things in tow. Now, the team at Kinetic Games has started teasing some new content on the way, which will presumably arrive with Phasmophobia’s spooky season update.

In a post on the ghost game’s Twitter channel (below), Kinetic shares a journal page with a rundown of the various Phasmophobia ghost types known so far, but with two new entries blurred out. On the page next to it, there’s what looks to be a brief of at least one of these new spirits, outlining their specific behaviour, strength, weakness, and the evidence types needed to nab them – again, with all the juicy bits blurred out, to get the community guessing.

What’s intriguing is the wording of the description page. Unlike all the other ghost types, which are just referred to as single entities, this information starts with a ‘The’ and seems to refer to them as plural entities (“have been reported…”). Then there are the clues in their ability to “mimic” certain actions and use “attacks to confuse”. Some fans are guessing from these clues, along with what they make out from the blurred ghost name, that this could refer to some kind of dual-natured ghost or a pair of ghosts, such as ‘The Twins’.

Others are guessing it could be ‘The Joker’ or ‘The Jester’ from the blurred word on the description page, while others have speculated it could be something like ‘Jumbee’ (a mythological spirit or demon that features in some Caribbean countries’ folklore), a ‘Jiangshi’ (a kind of vampire or reanimated corpse from Chinese folklore), or perhaps something else entirely.

This is, of course, all purely guesswork for now, and it’s far from clear in the teaser what could be coming our way soon. It’s a tease very much in the vein of one the studio shared ahead of Phasmophobia’s big August update – which introduced the Myling and Goryo types – so we can safely assume some new spooky spirits are headed its way again this time, and most likely with the upcoming Halloween update.

However, it’s a bit of a curveball this time with the way the information appears on the journal page making it that bit trickier to pin down what the studio’s teasing. It looks like we’ll have to keep on guessing for now and wait to find out for certain, hopefully very soon.