Phasmophobia dev considers lengthening Early Access for bigger updates

Phasmophobia was supposed to have a "short" stay in Early Access - but the game's success might mean that's changing

Phasmophobia is the moment’s hit take on horror games, and while Halloween is behind us, the game’s massive success continues. Now, the game’s developer is rethinking Early Access – Phasmophobia might stay unfinished for a good deal longer so that the studio can add more content and polish in response to the game’s immense success.

“I was originally planning the Early Access to be short”, Dknighter, the sole developer at Kinetic Games, tells IGN. The plan was just to “add a few more maps, ghost types and equipment. However, due to the game’s popularity, everyone’s expectations are increased so I am going to have to reconsider my plans for the game’s future.”

Dknighter isn’t specific on what those bigger plans might entail, but the game is already set to get “a lot more content”, according to the Steam page, including “more equipment, maps, ghosts, and any other content we get suggested from community feedback.” It’s currently listed for a full release in 2021, “however this may change depending on features added and how the game will progress through Early Access”.

Phasmophobia just got an update today focused on bug fixes, and Dknighter says that’s the big focus right now. “After these bugs are fixed the new content will likely get bundled together in big updates.”

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