Phasmophobia maps are too big, new fan poll says

Phasmophobia maps should be smaller and built with more interesting features and hiding places in mind, a new roundup of player opinions says

Phasmophobia maps: An oni stands in a lounge room surrounded by fog

The players have spoken, and they say they want smaller Phasmophobia maps. The popular post on Reddit that sparked the discussion proposed a handful of new map locations in a poll to see what players would like. These included a mall, an abandoned factory, and a circus (please, I beg you – no), along with an office park and an outdoors location. The general consensus in the comments was that what Phasmo needs more than haunted circuses and toilet blocks of doom is something smaller.

The most common reason given is just that big maps are boring, with most commenters pointing to the original Asylum as their main example of problem spots. While this is just one recent example of players asking for maps, the sentiment tends to be pervasive, and Kinetic even promised the next map actually will be small. It’s another asylum-esque area, but with themed zones and unique hazards.

Other commenters added a bit of nuance to the “big and bad” argument, mentioning what really makes a map good or disappointing is what it features. Take the farmhouse for example. It’s a big-ish map, but the layout keeps it engaging, with plenty of hiding places, scary spots, and even a room you have to access by going outside. The campsite, on the other hand, is relatively small and has almost no points of interest.

Either way, small houses with creative layouts seem to be the preferred map style, and it’s not hard to see why, even setting interesting design aside. The small and medium-sized houses are perfect for solo play and keep missions to a fairly reasonable length when you’re hunting down that last optional objective.

There’s no word yet on when the Sunny Meadows update will release, but as we’re nearing the game’s second anniversary, hopefully we’ll get some news soon. Meanwhile, check out our picks for the best horror games and best survival games on PC to help tide you over.