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The highly requested Phasmophobia shop update is almost here

After much teasing, a highly requested Phasmophobia shop update is set to arrive next week for the beloved Steam multiplayer horror game.

Phasmopohbia shop update arrives next week for the co-op horror game - A ghostly old woman in a games room next to a pool table.

The rise of Lethal Company late in 2023 somewhat took over the co-op horror game conversation, but one of its most defining games, Phasmophobia, has a big year planned, and one of its most-requested upgrades is set to arrive “sometime next week.” Boasting an ‘overwhelmingly positive’ 96% Steam rating from more than half a million reviews, Phasmo still stands tall even among the ever-growing crowd of scary multiplayer games such as Labyrinthine, The Outlast Trials, Escape the Backrooms, Demonologist, and Devour.

“If all goes well,” developer Kinetic Games writes in a new blog post, “the highly requested shop update is planned to be released sometime next week.” The Phasmophobia shop has always been one of those core aspects of the horror game that’s felt like it could do with an overhaul, and the team says it’s “taken in loads of feedback from the community and our beta team to make sure this is the best shop it can be, for all players.”

Phasmophobia shop update - The new-look in-game store for buying equipment.

Being able to buy equipment for your next ghost-hunting outing is obviously quite important, and the new-look store is certainly looking like quite the upgrade. There are now three separate tabs: the shop itself, the equipment manager, and your quick loadouts.

The whole screen has been given a nice visual overhaul, with added clarity for different item tiers and additional descriptions. There’s even a short tutorial to explain each section to avoid any confusion.

Phasmophobia shop update - The new-look loadout screen for the co-op horror game.

Buying new items in the shop sends it to the equipment manager, where you can quickly add it to or remove it from the truck as you need. That should avoid any accidental mix-ups between what you already own and what you’re trying to buy next. The loadouts screen lets you create multiple setups and manually rename them. You can also adjust item tier and quantity across your entire loadout simultaneously, if you want to.

For those who prefer to play on a controller, Kinetic Games has included button shortcuts for key functions such as buying and selling gear so you don’t have to scroll across the whole screen to do so. The new update also allows you to manually change your player colors and customize the look and size of your cursor reticle.

Phasmophobia Point Hope - A games room complete with pool table and chess set in the new lighthouse map.

Alongside this news, we also get another quick glimpse at the new lighthouse map Point Hope, which now has a fancy games room with a working chess board that you can use to play against a friend, and the rework to the Grafton farmhouse that aims to transform it into an even more run-down state of disrepair.

While these map updates are set to spend a little longer in development, you can expect to see the Phasmophobia shop update launching next week.

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