Phasmophobia gets an anniversary update with a journal overhaul

Kinetic's ghost game has been given a pretty decent-sized update for its first anniversary

A Phasmophobia room with a TV and ghost hunting

Can you believe Phasmophobia is already one year old? Kinetic Games’ popular ghost game has just hit its first anniversary and, to celebrate, the studio has pushed out an update bringing a bunch of new, tweaked, and overhauled features, plus a nice little batch of bug fixes.

The major change launched with the Phasmophobia anniversary update is an overhaul of the horror game’s journal. The feature – which stores information on key gameplay aspects such as its ghosts, equipment, evidence, and photos you’ve snapped – has been given a “complete redesign” to “make it easier to use and navigate”. You’ll now also be able to cross off evidence on the journal’s page for ghost evidence.

Additionally, Phasmophobia’s pause menu has been integrated into the journal, which means handy new options like being able to change all of the game’s settings via the journal while you’re in-game. Some new features folded in with the update include the option to play offline single-player – a mode that won’t link you up to the game’s servers.

There’s also a handful of gameplay changes included in the update. For example, “you will no longer get $10 for failing a contract and will instead get the insurance depending on the chosen difficulty”, and in failing a contract you’ll now get to see what its ghost type was. Elsewhere, you’ll find that, in the ghost room, ghost orbs will now “periodically” shift position and, if you’re down and out, you’ll no longer see the DOTS ghost projector.

For the full rundown and list of bug fixes addressed by the anniversary update, head to Steam here to check them out.