Phasmophobia update gives Steam horror game “major graphics overhaul”

Phasmophobia update 0.8 brings a “major graphics overhaul” to the Steam multiplayer horror game, as 0.7.3 makes changes to almost all the Phasmophobia ghosts

Phasmophobia update gives Steam horror game “major graphics overhaul”: A ghost hunter with a flashlight scans for entities

Phasmophobia update 0.8 will introduce a “major graphics overhaul” to Kinetic’s multiplayer horror game, as the latest 0.7.3 update alters almost all of the Phasmophobia ghosts, and the breakout Steam indie game gets cloud features and bug fixes.

The 0.8 update to Phasmophobia is yet to release, but according to Kinetic is “well underway” and will soon enter beta testing. It promises myriad changes to the ghost-hunting sim, including a “major graphics overhaul,” intended to “improve the performance across all hardware, especially for the CPU”.

As for 0.7.3, out now, it tweaks various features for the Phasmophobia ghosts. The Banshee and Moroi ability used stat will now work, the Oni, Wraith, and Yokai will now change their activity correctly based on their traits, and the Goryo will now have half a chance to wander rather than double a chance, a change we have been expecting for a while. House candles will also now block an Onryo hunt, but will get blown out in heavy rain without having to go in your inventory first.

The tripod doesn’t count as an electronic any more and the voodoo doll won’t do that buggy, floating thing when you throw it now. Outside of matches, if a player quits a lobby, their equipment will now be removed along with them. That could be a minor disadvantage going forwards, but on the plus side, your save files will now backup to the cloud rather than a local file, meaning you won’t need to contact Kinect about getting a backup any more if your save gets corrupted.

Ahead of the 0.8 overhaul, make sure you’re clued in with all the Phasmophobia ghost types, to make your multiplayer hunts go more like Ghostbusters than The Shining. You should also get to grips with all the Phasmophobia sanity effects, and all the commands for the Phasmophobia spirit box, to give you the best chance at undoing the undead.