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Phoenix Point has been delayed into next year

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Phoenix Point has been delayed by approximately six months. In a message to fans published last night, CEO and founder of developer Snapshot Games (and one of the driving forces behind the original XCOM games) Julian Gollop, says that the game’s increased scope – and its complexity – is responsible for the delay.

Phoenix Point was due to release in December this year, but the statement and accompanying video (below) from Gollop says that “in order to realise [Phoenix Point’s] potential, we need to push back the target release date to June 2019.”

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Part of the delay seems to have stemmed from a difficulty in hiring new staff onto the project – Gollop says that that has been a slow process, but pace has recently picked up, and that the studio now employs a team of 35 developers “from around the world.” That, he says, is thanks in part to press coverage and the release of the game’s first backer build.

While the game as a whole has been delayed, crowdfunding backers will still receive regular builds. In his statement, Gollop says that Snapshot “will commit to a new Backer Build at least once every two months up to the point of release.”

It’s likely, of course, that the news Phoenix Point’s delay will prove upsetting to some. After all, it was recently announced Phoenix Point pre-orders bring in $100,000 every month, so there are probably a lot of people waiting for it. But, in my opinion at least, I’d rather see a good game released late than a mediocre game rushed out the door to meet an arbitrary deadline.

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