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Physint release date estimate, gameplay, and latest news

Hideo Kojima has announced a brand-new, action-espionage game in the form of Physint, which will enter development after Death Stranding 2.

When is the Physint release date? Hideo Kojima announced during a State of Play broadcast in early 2024 that Kojima Productions is working on a brand-new action-espionage title with PlayStation which promises to take players on “an exciting new adventure”.

The original IP hasn’t yet entered development, so details are scarce, but here’s when we think we’ll see Physint as well as information on the development process, gameplay, and more of the latest news on Hideo Kojima’s contender for one of the best PC games ever, following the release of Death Stranding 2.

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Physint release date estimate

We estimate that Physint won’t be released until at least 2028. Given that Kojima has confirmed that it won’t enter development until after the release of Death Stranding 2 in 2025, and the bold scope of the game, we’d estimate that the creation process will take a good few years.

The Physint release date coming after the Death Stranding 2 release date was confirmed during a Sony State of Play event in February 2024. Kojima mentioned that he is entering the 40th anniversary of his game production career in 2026, and hopes that Physint will be the “culmination” of his work.

Given Kojima’s busy schedule working on Physint, Death Stranding 2, the Death Stranding movie, and the OD release date, don’t be surprised if we have to wait quite some time for more details on Physint.

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Physint gameplay

Despite being recently announced, we are yet to see any gameplay or even a glimpse at any concepts for the game. Kojima is obviously well-known for his work on the Metal Gear series, and claims that fans have been asking him “every day on social media” to create “another Metal Gear” or something similar in the action-espionage genre.

While we could theorize which of Kojima’s previous games he’s taken inspiration from for Physint, our imagination would run wild, as he’s covered such a broad scope of genres. He does mention that Kojima Productions will be working closely with Sony to create an “interactive” game that could easily be mistaken for a movie.

By watching the video above with captions on if required, you’ll hear how Kojima speaks about creating “a game and a movie at the same time” and claims that “If your mother comes in and sees you playing this game, she will think you’re watching a movie.” When asked if this means that Kojima Productions is making a new Metal Gear he hesitates before clarifying, “We’re going to make a new action-espionage game in cooperation with Sony.”

After becoming independent in 2015, Kojima says he wanted to create “something new” with his own IP and made Death Stranding and its upcoming sequel. Then, to “do something even newer” he moved to working on OD, which has given him plenty of new ideas. After falling ill in 2020, Kojima states that he was at his lowest and felt like he “couldn’t go back” to making games. He made a u-turn, though, when he realised the “users want it so much”, and began thinking about Physint.

After refusing many offers from Hollywood to make films, he claims to have spoken to Guillermo del Toro about his desire to make a movie but feeling as though Kojima Productions would “collapse” if he took the time off to do so. Del Toro, Kojima says, told him that Physint was “already a movie” and to “keep going”.

With not even a glimpse at Physint so far, that’s all of the information we have on Hideo Kojima’s upcoming game. If you just can’t wait to get your hands on something high-octane, check out our list of the best action-adventure games you can play on PC right now.