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Finished Baldur’s Gate 3? This 10/10 CRPG just got a surprise update

Out of nowhere, Obsidian Entertainment has given Pillars of Eternity a surprise update on PC, fixing numerous bugs throughout the game.

Image of band of adventurers fighting off a swarm of undead creatures inside a dark crypt.

Unexpectedly, Pillars of Eternity developer Obsidian Entertainment has rolled out a patch for the classic 2015 CRPG, fixing plenty of bugs and issues plaguing the game. Longtime fans are stunned by the sudden update since it has been literal years since Pillars of Eternity received a substantial patch, and potentially, there may be more on the horizon from the developer.

Pillars of Eternity director Josh Sawyer shared news about the surprise update on Twitter, linking to a post from the Obsidian forums that shows the patch notes and how to access the update through Steam. According to Sawyer, the update is exclusive to a Beta branch of the RPG game. Players must head to Pillars of Eternity’s settings, opt into the “Beta – Public Beta” branch, and download the update to access it.

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As for the patch notes, the forum post showcases a list of small and big technical fixes to visuals, quests, audio, combat, mechanics, and more. For instance, a handful of cases where dialogue audio wouldn’t play when specific nodes were re-triggered has been fixed, alongside cases of characters T-posing and permanent black screens after quick loading with crafting or enchanting UI open.

The update appears to be a comprehensive fix to many issues players were affected by over the years rather than a massive content patch. That said, seeing as Obsidian has returned in some capacity to Pillars of Eternity, the odds of the team doing a bit more with the older title don’t seem as slim as before. Only time will tell, though.

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