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The Planet Zoo release date has been revealed

Animal park management sim Planet Zoo will release November 5

Frontier Developments’ upcoming animal park sim Planet Zoo will be released on November 5.

In Planet Zoo, players are tasked with building and managing a working zoo complete with habitats, guests, cafes, souvenir stores, food stands, and, of course, animals. There are lions, hippos, zebras, bears, and a whole host of animals to look after and Frontier will be adding more animals in the future.

Animal welfare is a number one priority for any zoo manager and players need to build the correct habitats to house certain animals and make sure they get the looking after they need.

It’s not only the animals that need your attention but you also need to keep an eye on your guests and their needs. In Planet Zoo, guests have a need to to learn while visiting your park meaning that you will need to educate your guests on the animals that they are seeing. Planet Zoo’s director, Piers Jackson told PCGN that the game’s educational tools are one of the most important features of the sim.

Frontier is also flaunting how incredibly life-like animals in Planet Zoo are like how realistic their behaviours as well as highlighting how Planet Zoo’s animal animation tool are “too good for games”.

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