PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds bans racism and sexual harassment in new rules of conduct


The first official rules of conduct for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds were released yesterday. The 14-point list focuses heavily on trying to improve the ways in which players interact with each other.

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The first four points on the list focus on the language players use towards one another and the way in which they interact. Players are told to “not use any discriminatory language, including but not limited to any language regarding ethnicity, nationality, race, gender, religion, sexual preference or personal beliefs,” and to “not harass, stalk, or purposely do things to make someone else feel uncomfortable or threatened.”

The second issue addressed by the new rules is cheating, with points nine through 13 dealing with problems like stream-sniping, ‘teaming’ (a practice in which players work together to form large groups in Solo game modes), and exploiting bugs and glitches. Players are heavily encouraged to report problems with both fellow players and the game itself to the developers, Bluehole Studios.

Bluehole note at the end of the post that this list is far from exhaustive, and that they reserve the right to temporarily suspend or permanently ban any player even if their offence doesn’t fall under the issues covered here. It was also revealed yesterday that over 50,000 accounts have been banned since the game launched in April.