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Counter-Strike’s noob cannon comes to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds this week


Two new guns are coming to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. The new weapons will be available on test servers starting this week.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds fog mode is more frustrating than fun.

The first new gun is the DP-28 Light Machine Gun, which comes with a unique circular ammo clip that attaches to the top of the gun and contains 47 rounds. THE DP-28 will be a random drop, and you’ll be able to find it all over Erangel.

If, like me, you’re not very good at Counter-Strike, you’ll probably be familiar with the second new weapon. The AUG A3 is a rifle that can be bought by Counter-Terrorists in Valve’s shooter, and will now be available in PUBG. In the twitter post announcing the two new weapons, you can see the AUG, as well as its famous scope (although it’s very possible that said scope comes separately). The AUG A3 will only be available through care package drops.

PUBG is still experiencing the peaks and troughs of Early Access development as it heads towards its full release, still scheduled to arrive before the end of the year. It claimed the title of PC Game of the Year at this year’s Golden joysticks last week, but the latest patch has been beset by significant performance drops. And there’s still no vaulting.