PUBG’s fourth anniversary cosmetic giveaways kick off today

You can start earning those anniversary-themed goodies today

Earlier this month, PUBG’s devs announced they were going to celebrate the battle royale game’s fourth anniversary in style, with some challenges to come offering cosmetic in-game goodies as prizes. Now, today’s the day those challenges kick off, which means you can get stuck in to earn an anniversary-themed weapon and hoodie right now.

As detailed on the multiplayer game’s site, the first of PUBG’s fourth anniversary involves completing just one of the following, number four-themed missions while the event is in swing: four hours of accumulated battle time, four kills accumulated in total, four matches (in which you’ll need to survive for at least four minutes), or earning yourself a spot of fourth place (or higher) in any match. These only apply to normal and ranked matches, it’s worth bearing in mind.

Do that between now and March 24 and you’ll earn yourself a snazzy M416 and a hoodie. Then, again later this month (March 25-31), you can hit one of those challenges again to scoop up a ‘Victory Dance’ emote.

There are other celebrations going on for PUBG’s fourth birthday, too – you can check out the full rundown (as well as how to link up your accounts to claim the rewards) on the game’s site right here.

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