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Battlegrounds’ lag problems won’t be properly fixed until June

PUBG Server Issues

While Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds continues to sell like hotcakes, its recent patch has unforutunately introduced a new wave of connection issues. Overall game performance may have improved, but players are experiencing numerous disconnects and lag spikes following Thursday’s update.

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With multiple angry Reddit posts declaring that players are planning to quit competitive murdering en-masse, developer Bluehole have taken to Twitter to calm some of the more ardent doomsayers. They are planning to make server changes to alleviate some of the problems as soon as possible, but Bluehole have admitted that “this will not fully fix the issue”.

According to them, it will take some hardcore server overhauls to properly solve the lag problems, so they encourage players to wait to their June update where players should see “a bigger improvement”.

Bluehole are also encouraging Battlegrounds players to disable any custom startup parameters, and post their computer’s system specs in this special support thread if they are experiencing fps drops.By collecting a mass of data from multiple users, the developer should be able to diagnose these fps issues. Based on the legendary work ethic of the PUBG development team, expect a hotfix to come out post-haste.

For full details on the additions in Thursday’s patch, click here. The new silenced sniper rifle and motorbike looks particularly deadly, should you manage to soldier through the lag and find a decent sniping position.

Thanks PC Gamer.