The latest PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds patch adds more damage to the Blue Zone


One final round of changes are coming to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds ahead of its full release. Bigger changes, including features such as vaulting, will be coming to the 1.0 version, but before then there’s one final patch heading to live.

PUBG’s new desert map is more varied than you’d think.

The biggest takeaway from the (otherwise very small) patch is that the damage over time dealt by the game’s infamous Blue Zone is going up. The notes, which you can read the full version of here, doesn’t say how much damage the new zone will deal, but the developers say it’ll help players focus “on the more immediate, close-ranged skirmishes inside the play zone, instead of dealing with enemies outside the play zone during mid to late phases of the game.”

The only other change mentioned in the patch is a bug fix which helps prevent bullets from ignoring armor, but there’s a lot about the test servers which will be gradually introducing vaulting to the game. Vaulting and climbing will arrive in PUBG in early November, going through at least three rounds of testing before launching with the full release, which is still on schedule for the end of the year.