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PlayerUnknown says PUBG is "nowhere near esports-ready"

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Now that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is finally out, an esports scene is one of Brendan Greene’s main focuses. In an interview with PlayerUnknown, he told us that competitive battle royale has been on his radar since the start of his modding career.

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Greene says “moving forward we are still going to have problems which we are going to want to fix,” but that a major aim for 2018 is “to continue to improve and upgrade Battlegrounds.” Once the game is in a more stable state, however, Greene says “then we can look into providing tools for proper esports.”

For a while now, Greene has maintained that “we would only move forward with esports if our community wanted it.” But the positive response to custom games and leagues mean that a grassroots esports scene is taking off for the game, something Greene says “we hope to see more of in 2018.”

It’s worth noting that while Greene says esports are a main focus going forward, “we are nowhere near esports ready yet.” The hope is that during 2018, Bluehole and PUBG Corp “can get the game to a state where we can work with organisations to start building a battle royale scene.”

If that scene develops, Greene has major ambitions for it. In a podcast with YouTubers H3H3, Greene says he’d like to see an “arena filled with 30-40,000 people” as part of a major tournament. You can read a full summary of that H3H3 podcast in this Reddit thread.

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Grgoljblaster avatarMakingDisaster1 avatarNightyFloes avatar
Grgoljblaster Avatar
7 Months ago

The game barely worked until 1.0 FFS!

MakingDisaster1 Avatar
7 Months ago

I don't see it taking off hugely with the core game being hugely reliant on RNG and to trying to cover the best of the action given there are 100 players.

NightyFloes Avatar
5 Months ago

i don't think the rng is that bad. but covering the best action is probably going to be a harder issue, on soulution for example would be to be able to choose which team you want to follow for example if im cheering for NiP i can watch it all trough their perspective