PUBG lets you fly for the first time with a Motor Glider

The Motor Glider hits the PUBG Labs this week

What do you get when you cross Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds with Microsoft Flight Simulator? The PUBG Motor Glider! The new contraption, which will let PUBG players fly for the first time (officially) in the battle royale, hits the game’s Labs for testing today, December 19, and there’s “no maximum altitude you can reach.”

As posted on the PUBG website, the Motor Glider – bright yellow in the pictures – lets you and a pal take to the air and whizz around the map. It sounds pretty simple to use: “To take off, you’ll need to get the speed up to 70km/h (so not quite the 88 miles per hour you’d need for time travel) and once you’re moving you can use sticky throttle to lock in your forward acceleration.” You can also check out the PUBG glider spawn locations, for your best chance of trying out this new flying vehicle.

You use the W and S keys to control the Glider’s pitch and A and D to manage its roll. Hold down the left shift and left control keys to adjust the aircraft’s throttle and simply hold the spacebar when you make contact with the ground to apply its handbrake. Simple.

And to answer a question you’ll probably already be thinking, yes, you can fire shots and chuck some molotovs from the Glider, raining them down on your opponents below. Just watch out for any return fire – while it might be tricky to hit, the engine can be destroyed, and the wings damaged. The tyres are invulnerable, though, so you should be able to land.

One thing to note is that it does only have so much fuel, so you’ll need to be a little mindful of how much you’re applying the throttle. PUBG Corp. does note, however, that “there’s no maximum altitude you can reach” – but the engine will naturally fade the higher you reach.

If you’re keen to try the PUBG Motor Glider out, you’ll need to be quick – it’s only available on the game Labs from 23:00 PST on December 19 (02:00 ET and 07:00 GMT December 20)and live for 72 hours.