PUBG Season 11 kicks off next week

The Paramo map returns as fulton balloons are introduced

PUBG is getting a new season of content, tweaks, and map changes soon. Krafton has revealed that Season 11 begins on March 31 for PC before coming to consoles on April 8.

Update 11.1 is already on the PTR, too, so you can test everything out if you hang your hat in the realms of PC gaming. The headline feature this time around is the reintroduction of the Paramo map. We initially saw it arrive in PUBG late last year, and it’s been brought back by popular demand. It’s much the same map you’ll remember, but it comes with terrain improvements, an expanded dynamic world system that modifies major landmarks between matches, and increased spawn rates in the secret room and for the care package helicopter. You can also create custom games with the map if you’re feeling inventive.

We’re also getting a new lootable item this season called Emergency Pickup. It comes in handy if you’re stuck in the storm (hey, it happens) and need to get out ASAP. The item allows you to call a fulton balloon you can hook yourself to once a plane arrives. The plane will then whisk you and the squad into safety so you can carry on hunting down that chicken dinner.

Krafton also notes that things are changing from Season 11 onwards. You’ll now find that seasons will run for two months and will no longer run in parallel with Survivor Passes. As such, adjustments are being made to how rewards are dished out.

The battle royale game’s current season is set to end today (March 24) before the live server maintenance, but you’ve got a ‘grace period’ between now and the start of Season 11 to snag any rewards you haven’t picked up yet.

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You can catch the PUBG Season 11 patch notes on the developer’s website to see what other balance changes are on their way. The Mini-14, VSS, and SCAR-L, for example, have all had their damage buffed.

If you’re curious what the other best PUBG weapons are, though, you can follow that link. With a new season looming, it’s a good time to get acquitted with them.