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Street Fighter 6 is coming to Steam’s biggest battle royale

Street Fighter 6 is teaming up with Steam’s biggest battle royale shooter, PUBG, for a sweeping collaboration on cosmetics, game modes, and in-game prizes.

Street Fighter 6 PUBG: Chun-Li, Ryu, and Cammy from Street Fighter 6 in Krafton battle royale game PUBG

Street Fighter 6 and PUBG. On the surface, it seems like a strange combination. Capcom’s beat-’em-up is about fast combos, melee combat, and knocking out rivals in style. Krafton’s battle royale game on the other hand usually involves cerebral tactics, chipping away at enemies from afar, and dying in dismal and often slapstick fashion. But with the latest PUBG collaboration, even if you do get wiped out with a Molotov in the first phase, you can at least look kind of cool, in outfits inspired by Chun-Li, Ryu, Cammy, and more. Plus, there are tweaks to the new arcade game modes and a bunch of new prizes and gear. The biggest battle royale on Steam just got a lot more stylish – it’s time for some shootin’ and Hadouken.

First up, whether you’re a Chun-Li or a Luke main, the Street Fighter 6 PUBG crossover has your back with a slew of new character skins based on Capcom’s superb fighting game. Cammy, Ryu, Luke, and Chun-Li are all here, available as purchasable, full-character skins between Wednesday, July 26 and Wednesday, September 20.

If you want to push things a little further, we challenge you to score as many melee kills while dressed in SF6 garb as possible. Just imagine your poor opponent’s face, as they’re punched to the ground by a synchronized squad of rampaging Cammys.

We’ve also got the PUBG Survivor Summerfest. Until Wednesday, September 13, the mission hub website will continually update with new objectives to complete. Completing these rewards you with ‘summer stamps,’ and puts you in contention for a variety of both in-game and real-world prize draws.

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In-game, you can win a special, event-themed nameplate and 500 G-Coin. Complete three or four of the summer missions, however, and you could nab a Razer keyboard, mouse, and headset, or a high-spec Intel gaming PC. You can check out the mission hub here.

Finally, the smaller-scale, fast-paced new Bluebomb Rush mode is now available. On a dedicated, Counter-Strike-esque map, ‘Riviera,’ two teams of six compete for control of the blue zone. Competing in Bluebomb Rush earns you special arcade points that can be used to redeem dedicated in-game gear.

Across the rest of PUBG, there will also be special drop events where you can collect new weapon skins and emotes. The Street Fighter 6 PUBG collaboration begins with update 24.2, which is live now, Wednesday, July 12 on PC, and comes to consoles Thursday, July 20.

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