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How to safely exit a moving vehicle, and other weird PUBG tricks


We’re all hungry for that chicken dinner. Maybe you’ve tasted it, but now you want more. Well, that’s you and 10,000,000 other people. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is constantly evolving through its stay in Early Access, and that state of flux mean there are tons of tiny little “features” that might just give you an edge.

We’ve got way more tips for you in our PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds guide.

A Reddit thread collating the community’s collective knowledge of such tips has been making the rounds, and there’s some good stuff there. Here are a few of my favourites:

  • You can safely exit a moving vehicle by getting out just before sideswiping a big object. Check the video above for more specifics on timing.
  • Combining crouch and jump will let you get some extra height on your leaps, and you can do it without fail if you bind both controls to Shift + Space.
  • Tap W once, then tap and hold W while exiting the plane to keep your direction from shifting when you get out.
  • You don’t have to bust windows to get out of a house. You can just leap through silently.
  • You can start moving with 0.5 seconds left on your healing timer. It will appear to cancel, but you’ll still get the health benefits.
  • If you’re having frame rate troubles, try disabling the Steam overlay. That’s added as much as 15fps for some folks.

A few of these sound more like bugs than features, so there’s no guarantee that they’ll continue to work after upcoming patches. And stuff like the crouch jump will be rendered mostly obsolete when mantling becomes part of the game. Until then, take every advantage you can, because you know everyone else is doing the same.