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Vaulting in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is getting closer


Update, August 14: Some new vaulting information has come to light, detailing some of the ways you’ll be able to move around PUBG’s maps.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ upcoming vaulting mechanic should be arriving soon, and some of the ways it’ll work have been demonstrated in a new video.

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The video takes place in some PUBG testing areas and shows off the variety of ways you’ll be able to traverse obstacles in the popular survival game. The animations differ based on the height of the obstacle you’re looking to vault, and today’s update shows off four of them.

The video also looks at a few of the different ways you’ll be able to use vaulting to your advantage. For one thing, it’s important to know that the speed at which you complete your vault will depend on the speed you’re travelling when you arrive at your obstacle. Also shown off is the ability to cancel out of a vault if you don’t like the look on whatever’s on the other side of that wall, and a mechanic which allows you to force your character to vault over an obstacle rather than climbing on top of it.

Original Story, July 31:PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a lot of fun despite how janky it is. Currently, you can’t even hop over a wall gracefully – you have to aim at a crack and attempt to jump right over. It takes some getting used to and it’s not elegant at all.

That’s all going to change, hopefully by September, because a proper vaulting system is close to being completed. Not only will it make jumping waist-high walls easier, it will open up the game to a bunch of new tactics, letting players appear from unexpected angles by scaling walls.

“[Vaulting is] going to take us perhaps another month to get it to a state where we’re happy to release it,” Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene says in an interview with CNET. “It may take a little longer, as all things in development sometimes do.”

As discussed back in June, the vaulting system will be contextual depending on the surface being vaulted over, complete with new animations. They’re not doing it by halves, it seems.

Elsewhere, Greene also says they’ll also be tweaking the blue zones towards the end of each game. As games go on, a wall of electric smoke encloses the playing field. As it gets smaller, the wall gets faster and does more damage. Greene thinks it’s currently a bit overpowered in the late game.

“We still have a little bit of work to do, especially on the ending zones, to make them a little bit fairer so that you’re not getting killed by the zone so much,” he says. “I think in the final zones, they’re still a little bit on the fast side and they take away the tactical nature of the game. It’s my firm belief that the game shouldn’t be killing me, it’s other players that should be killing me. So moving forward to full release, it’s about balancing the core gameplay systems to a point you’re dying to other players 90% of the time.”