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PUBG report from Krafton outlines permanent bans for G-Coin fraud

A PUBG report from Krafton outlines how battle royale players have been permanently banned after fraudulently claiming refunds for G-Coin microtransactions

PUBG report from Krafton outlines permanent bans for G-Coin fraud: A shooter from the battle royale game PUBG

A PUBG report issued by Krafton describes how players of the battle royale game have been permanently banned after a Steam investigation revealed they had fraudulently claimed refunds and chargebacks for microtransactions using the shooters’ G-Coin currency.

G-Coin is purchasable using real money and can be used to buy a range of in-game cosmetics and items in PUBG including clothing, weapon skins, and vehicle decals. If players accidentally make G-Coin purchases, or purchases are made without their permission, it is possible for them to contact PUBG’s publisher, Krafton, to request that these transactions be refunded. Some players, however, are reportedly claiming for chargebacks and refunds without having made actual purchases, resulting in a permanent ban on their accounts.

“As we’ve recently noticed a sharp increase in the number of potential chargeback cases regarding certain PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS items (G-Coin), we went through a thorough investigation with Steam and have discovered these in-game transactions were confirmed to be chargeback frauds,” says a report from Krafton. “Therefore, we’ve placed permanent bans on the accounts pertaining to these fraudulent transactions.”

Players who may have experienced a ban despite not claiming for any fraudulent transactions are invited by Krafton to submit a support request. “If your account received any restrictions/bans when you’ve not done any fraudulent transactions, please submit a ticket to PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS Support and we’ll reach out to you as soon as possible,” the publisher says.

Elsewhere in the world of PUBG, the battle royale has recently been banned by the Taliban for “promoting violence”, and is expected to become inaccessible in Afghanistan within the next 90 days. A new collaboration has also been launched with F1 manufacturer McLaren, which arrives with the latest update 19.2 alongside changes to various animations and the weather system.

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