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Looks like PUBG is getting a self-revive mechanic soon

The new feature should arrive in update 12.2 alongside the Taego map

It looks like you’ll be able to pick yourself up after a beatdown in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds soon. Dataminer PlayerIGN says that PUBG is getting a new revive and self-pickup mechanic in update 12.2.

It’s been a long time coming, too. PlayerIGN shares that the self-pickup mechanic has been in the game’s files since 2018, so the PUBG team has been knocking the idea around for the past three years. You shouldn’t have long to wait for it, either, as update 12.2 is set to land July 7 on PC.

The big addition in the next PUBG update is the new map Taego, which will be 8x8km like Miramar – so it’ll be a big boy. Details are a tad light on the new map, aside from teases from Krafton. We caught a slight tease of a downed player holding their chest, alongside new guns and a Pony Coupe, so we did have some hint this was coming. According to PlayerIGN, South Korean PUBG player sources have also said Taego’s “new respawn system will utilise a Gulag island, where players fight for their revival”.

The update may be more than a week away, but you could get the chance to try it out sooner. PUBG updates usually go through the game’s test servers, so it looks likely we’ll see Taego pop up for a round of playtesting. It’s not confirmed, but keep a weather eye on PUBG’s site and channels.

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