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Forgotten ‘90s FPS game is seemingly getting a huge new remaster

Inspired by the likes of Doom and Quake, the developer of System Shock Remake is seemingly about to bring back a forgotten ‘90s shooter.

PO'ed Definitive Edition Steam: A chef from FPS game PO'ed

Doom. Half-Life. Quake. Blood. The ‘90s was a busy decade for the FPS, when the genre pioneered by id Software and Wolfenstein 3D found its stride and came to define the golden era of PC gaming. Among all these landmark hits, however, one shooter perhaps got lost in the crowd. Strange, unique, but now forgotten to the dusty annals of videogame history, the creator of System Shock Remake is seemingly about to bring it back from the dead, with a full, modernized remaster.

If you don’t remember PO’ed, you’re probably not alone. Originally released in 1995, by the long-defunct Any Channel Inc., on the surface it resembles Heretic, Star Wars Dark Forces, and the various other Doom clones that sprung up in the aftermath of id Software’s genre-defining FPS game success. You play as an intergalactic chef, who, after his ship crash lands on an alien world, must use sci-fi weapons, a jet pack, and a range of culinary equipment in order to survive and escape.

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Compared to its contemporaries, PO’ed is notable for its vulgar and slapstick sense of humor. One of the enemies, for example, is essentially a walking pair of buttocks that you can defeat by beating it repeatedly with a frying pan. If that sounds promising (and I mean, come on), System Shock Remake developer Nightdive has just announced a full remaster.

Complete with a fresh Steam listing, PO’ed Definitive Edition provides updated visuals, refined controls, increased resolution, bug fixes, achievement support, and even a totally new difficulty setting. Shared on the studio’s social media channels, it’s perhaps worth noting Nightdive announced the remaster on Monday April 1.

But given the comprehensiveness of the Steam page, which even features system requirements, as well as a full trailer, and several screenshots and videos that look much crisper and cleaner compared to the original, if PO’ed Definitive Edition is a joke, it’s one of the most elaborate April Fool’s efforts we’ve ever seen.

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