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Massive Portal mod eight years in the making already flying on Steam

Portal 2's fan made Revolution mod is finally out, and the eight-hour prequel is going down really well with players on Steam right now.

Portal 2 Revolution Steam release: a round white robot with one blue eye flies through the air in an underground facility

Portal 2’s biggest mod in years is out, and the project is already flying off the metaphorical Steam shelves and sitting at an incredibly high review score. With 40 puzzles, a new narrative, and around eight hours of gameplay, Portal Revolution is an essential free download for an equally essential PC game.

From Second Face Software, Portal Revolution is a free Portal 2 mod that acts as a prequel to Valve’s iconic 2011 classic. Following up on one of the best PC games of all time and the highest-rated game on Steam is no easy feat, but players are reacting incredibly well to what this mod is offering.

With over 900 reviews on Steam at the time of writing, which is incredibly impressive for a mod less than a day after launch, Portal Revolution is sitting at an ‘Overwhelmingly Positive’ rating from players. There are even over 5,000 players in the mod itself (not Portal 2, which has a separate listing) giving the game a go as well.

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User ‘Weight Manager’ calls it “The Portal 3 we don’t deserve,” while ‘Time is Flowing’ says “The puzzles are about as hard as Portal 2’s, meaning that while there are a few headscratchers here and there, It’s mostly just one thing after another.”

“If this, or something half as good as this, was released 25 years ago, it would be packaged as a Portal 2 add-on like Opposing Force to HL1, this is AAA quality,” ‘oystaman adds.

Portal Revolution was delayed slightly while Valve reviewed the game, and while I was surprised how quickly the Steam maker approved of the project, perhaps the overwhelming response and quality of the final game speaks to that. You can download the free mod, if you own Portal 2 that is, on Steam right now.

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