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Portal prequel mod brings stunning RTX visuals to Valve’s classic

Portal prequel mod Portal Prelude is a huge expansion for the Valve puzzle classic, and it’s just hit Steam with full ray tracing and Nvidia DLSS 3.

Portal prequel Nvidia: The eponymous portal gun from the Valve puzzle game, rendered using Nvidia RTX

A full Portal prequel, detailing the story of GLaDOS and the inner workings of Aperture Science in the lead up to the events of the Valve puzzle game, has launched on Steam with full ray tracing and Nvidia DLSS 3 support. Originally created in 2008, just after the release of the original Portal, Portal Prelude is a full-length, fan-made campaign, containing 19 new test chambers, whole-new voice-acted characters, and a bespoke origin story for GLaDOS. And now, as a showcase for Nvidia’s RTX Remix, it’s back and looking better than ever, with totally overhauled visuals and some of the best-looking, well, portals we’ve ever seen.

Earlier this year, Nvidia launched Portal with RTX as a free remaster for all Portal owners. Demonstrating the capabilities of Nvidia’s own ray tracing and performance technologies, it brought Aperture Labs to smoother, more colorful, and high-speed life than ever before.

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Developed by modders Nicolas ‘NykO18’ Grevet and David ‘Kralich’ Driver-Gomm, Portal Prelude now also receives the RTX and DLSS 3 treatment, introducing dynamic lighting, sharper textures, amazing looking environments, and much swifter performance. A full, game-length campaign, it looks like a dream, runs ultra-fast, and essentially makes the original, minimalist world of the first Portal look as if it was built and released today.

Still the highest-rated Portal mod on Mod DB, even after 15 years, Portal Prelude is an essential, unofficial companion to one of the best games ever made. If you want to try the gorgeous-looking new version, all you need is a copy of Portal. You can find Portal Prelude on Steam.

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