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After 20 years, PC’s foulest FPS gets a big update and hits Steam Deck

Postal 2, the FPS game to launch a thousand memes, gets a huge update including Steam Deck playability and new difficulties, two decades after launch.

After 20 years, PC’s foulest FPS gets a big update and hits Steam Deck: A man with a beard, sunglasses, and leather coat from FPS game Postal

Though I tend to keep an open mind with regards to gaming news, I have to admit, when I came into work this morning I didn’t expect that Postal 2, the sweary, gory, altogether crude FPS game from all the way back in 2003, would end up on my to-do pile. Then again, this is gaming – if you can make a shooter featuring Gary Coleman, exploding cats, and the ability to interactively deploy human waste fluids, there’s no reason that after two decades we shouldn’t get a new Postal 2 update, bringing the bad taste classic to Valve’s Steam Deck.

So, here we are. The Postal 2 20th anniversary update. Top of the bill is Steam Deck compatibility – if you want to get some funny looks on the train, Running With Scissors’ brutally bad-mouthed shooter is now available to play on the go. There’s also a new ‘Ludicrous’ difficulty setting, the free addition of the ’Paradise Lost’ DLC, and the option to disable any and all updates, and revert Postal 2 back to its original 2003 form.

There are new cheats, a new weapon in the form of the – ahem – Cat Launcher, and the added ability to make single-finger hand gestures at NPCs, something that was previously confined to the Paradise Lost DLC. Some unused dialogue for Postal Guy has been restored, and you can now skip Postal 2’s intro and jump to any day you like via an expanded new-game menu.

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Blood effects have also been reworked, alongside improved muzzle flashes, and a refined inventory and weapon selection system. It’s a massive update that also includes a lot of smaller tweaks and bug fixes, offering the definitive Postal 2 experience, with the added bonus of Steam Deck support. Postal 2 may be an old dog (or perhaps cat would be more suitable here) but it’s clearly got some new, sweary, highly gross tricks.

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